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For those looking for theatrical brewing experience 

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The Shypon also known as the vacuum pot system, is the crafty style of brewing coffee that uses steam and vapor pressure. This exuberant, eye-catching, defined as a theatrical brewing method,  delivers a clean-crisp and vibrant cup of coffee to enjoy.

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Invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s.

Brew time

6-7 min.

Things you need

Good Coffee, Gooseneck Kettle, Scale, Grinder, 
Denatured alcohol, Cloth coffee filter, Lighter.

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Use a  1:12  ratio  (for every gram of coffee, add 12 ml of water). Adjust as desired.

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Pour water into the bottom vessel.

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Light up the heater.

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After the coffee is brewed for about 90 seconds, pull out the heater from the bottom . Thus, the pressure of the bottom vessel will decrease and the brewed coffee will fill the bottom vessel. 

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After the water gets heated, it will pass into the upper vessel with the help of pressure from the pipe.

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Add  coffee to the upper vessel.

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Use a burr grinder for a fine grind

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Let it rest for a few minutes. Pour and enjoy.

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