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Coffee has been instrumental for centuries. Whether you are looking to jump start your morning, enjoy a social cup with your peers or simply enjoy the smell and taste of coffee, we’re here to offer you the finest quality coffee available. But wait, there is more….​

We have carefully selected coffee throughout different regions, each with a unique aroma and flavor. You will be able to virtually travel to the origin of the coffee beans of your choice, where you will be emerged in the process and community that work hand in hand to bring you the best coffee experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying down to the last drop.

At CoffeeVitals, we offer you a variety of beans which stay true to their origin. Get to know the very own people that are responsible for planting, harvesting and processing the coffee beans you are about to enjoy. There is a story behind every single coffee farmer, and each has a unique way of adding perfection to their final product. We welcome you to not just enjoy their coffee, but to also live the experience every step of the way and become part of this community as you sip your cup of coffee.


The journey of a coffee bean is one that can’t go unnoticed. We are on a mission to share with the world every step of this journey. Meet the people, their passion, the process and the many techniques put into practice to get you the best coffee. 

At CoffeeVitals, we want to give you the opportunity to know the farmers behind your cup of coffee, their history and the community they belong to.  Our hope is for you to experience the bean in every way possible; through a cup of coffee, its aromas, the stories behind every brand and the techniques used from the moment a seed is planted to the moment it's brewed. 


Our passion and integrity will be the main drivers through this journey. A journey must evolve, it should not have a defined path. Our commitment is to continue to explore and innovate to bring you closer to the people and community responsible for the cup of coffee you are about to drink. Our goal is to continue to learn from farmers, roasters, baristas and coffee lovers that share our mission and passion and share their experiences with the rest of the world.

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