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Roast Level: What's your preference ?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

The roast level is the final step in the process that will develop that taste profile you identify with. There are different roasting levels and the same coffee beans can be roasted differently. For example, different temperature, duration. Roasting temperatures mainly vary between 338 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This can provide different taste, acidic, residual flavor. Keep in mind that the world’s best coffee beans can be ruined by a bad roasting process.

Light :

A light roast preserve a coffee bean’s natural aromas and flavors. High quality coffee beans, are great candidates for this type of roasting level to preserve its original flavor. At the same time, defects are more evident during this type of roasting.

Medium :

A medium roast represents a balance between the acidity, sweetness and aroma.

Dark :

A dark roast replaces the naturally occurring aromas and flavors. It has less acidity and its more bold and bitter.

Going higher than Dark :

There are beans that are roasted to such a dark level that it eliminates the bean’s original aroma and flavor. They have a smoky and chocolatey favor. More textured pronounced by the roasting level.

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